When the size and shape of your chin are not consistent with your facial features and neck length, you need to have a mentoplasty. A mentoplasty is a minimally-invasive procedure that leaves no external scar, in which the jaw width and length are enhanced using the chin bone or predesigned implants for this purpose, according to each facial profile. This procedure is prescribed for patients lacking chin or with excess chin, according to their face profile, which should be assessed millimetrically by a specialist, to decide the exact size and shape of the chin, the clinical images, and sometimes, some x-rays of the skull, which allow designing the perfect chin for each face. Commonly, a reference to know if you need chin surgery is to assess your profile picture and determine if your chin is aligned with your lower lip, or otherwise, behind or in front of it. In case of one of these two alterations, the patient is a candidate (a) for a mentoplasty. It is also important to consider your self-perception of your chin; if the patient thinks it is too small or has the wrong projection, he should consult in order to assess the need for the procedure. The postoperative is very quick and easy because the approach is inside the mouth; the discomfort is minimal and the only requirement is adequate intraoral cleansing.